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Bandana - HJ Paris

Bandana - HJ Paris

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Get the "HJ Paris" Bandana for a touch of Paris-inspired style. At 21 x 21 inches, it's perfect for any look. Composition: Luxuriously soft, made with 75% Modal and 25% Cupro, both certified sustainable and organic materials. Care: Simple and convenient, requiring just a hand wash or dry clean. Iron on silk settings to keep it looking flawless. Artist Design: Each scarf is a canvas, featuring hand-painted artwork from Chicago, making it a wearable piece of art. Care: Easy to look after with a simple hand wash or dry clean, and quick iron. Design: Features a unique, hand-painted design that captures the essence of Paris, with beautiful reds and greens. Packaging: It comes in elegant packaging, great for gifting. Wear it your way and bring a piece of Paris into your daily fashion with "HJ Paris".


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